Sunday, February 14, 2016

She Slays!

Yas!! She came to slay bitches.  She knows that she's "that bitch that cause all that conversation". And the conversation is fierce.  Beyonce is back with a new single and a new movement.  Whether you like her or nah, she is the Queen of her Beyhive.  Dropped one day before the Super Bowl, Beyonce's "Formation" song and video has captivated many - confused some and offended the haters.  The same haters she comes for with lyrics like: "You Haters Corny With That Illuminati Mess" "I Like My Baby's Hair, Baby Hair and Afro" and she even likes her Negro's (Jay -Z) Jackson Five's like nose.  It's and upbeat dance-able tune that gets you moving and revealing much more about Beyonce than we have ever seen before.  The video has come under attack for the imagery she uses (shot in New Orleans) to give her opinion on the state of Black America in 2016.  Even former NYC Mayor Guliani went on Fox to blast Beyonce on having that opinion.  #BoyBye  It's her "Run The World (Girls) for 2016 and I love it.  Check out the Superbowl battle with Bruno Mars below:

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