Sunday, March 6, 2016

Coloring Hot Dudes?

If you have been under a rock for the last several months you may not have noticed Coloring Books for Adults have been growing in popularity.  I get the therapeutic gains from using these Coloring Books as a stress reliever or to combat boredom.  But, before I completely dismiss the legitimacy of Adult Coloring books, particularly the one pictured above.  Let me first say I am a proud gay man with no hang ups about my gayness.  But, does everything have to be for everyone? The political correctness in me says, "Absolutely!!". But, my satirical side implores me to say " WTF!". I think it's important that lgbt images need to placed right along side of our non-gay Bros and Sisters.  I do often chuckle how they, kind of, just throw some gay characters in movies/shows for the sheer fact of gaining some gay viewers.  Save the fact, that they normally stereotype us to death with eye rolls, snaps and witty repartee.  But, I digress.

 Albeit,fun and a little provocative, do we need a Coloring Book depicting gay images?  Am I wrong to be a little offended by it? Tell me what you think and give me you opinion in the comment section below.

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