Sunday, November 27, 2016

Blue Vs Black Friday

The official kick off of the holiday shopping season is here.  Millions of Americans are more interested in buying that cheap television than voting for a decent President. I for one did both.  But, I was a little saddened by the Nerd Black Friday that we enjoyed last year.  Gamestop introduced us to the Funko Mystery box and Golden Pops, Hot Topic made us guest for the rare black and white Pops and each store had something we all wanted.  But, i digress, this Year each store failed to connect with collectors.  Walmart even threw their name in the hat with a mystery box that was full of foolishness or maybe it was just boring.  Nevertheless, we went shopping each day and night and made the most of a bad shopping situation.  

Run Away?

Tonight we are talking about a few things.  Death and how when it's in the form of someone close how the depression comes in waves.  Making life changing decisions.  And a funny story about a straight guy who "accidentally" goes in to a gay sex club in Berlin and lives to tell the hilarious story. 

Stop Clowning

On this episode we talk about the recent increased random appearances of Clowns in cities across the country. Many are thinking it's just a gimmick to play on people's fear of the painted of creatures  But, others think there are far more nefarious intentions at play. Joined with my favorite cousin and past host, Darling Nikki, shares her thoughts on this not so funny clown invasion.  We, also, talked about the new Luke Cage on Netflix.  And upcoming Halloween shenanigans... Don't forget to check us out on Face Book. 

Bricks and Barrowman

On this episode of The 5by5 Podcast you will hear about our recent trip to Cincy Comic Expo. We met (again) John Barrowman and each time we meet him the more he violates our innocence.  We also met Teddy Sears from the last season on The Flash as Jay Garrick and Zoom.  He was really nice and really tall  We also chat about how I hate Crickets and they have invaded my basement.. ugh!!!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Interviewing The UndieGuy

I came across an interesting guy doing underwear reviews online.   And not just any underwear but sexy underwear and some regular ones too. But, underwear all the same.  He is the self titled UndieGuy and he is sweet as he is handsome. We had the pleasure to chat with him and it was a fun time. Check out the podcast below.  And also check him out on Vimeo and YouTube.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Birthdays Cons and Steven

It's amazing how something you glanced over can take over your life in an instance.  Well, maybe not that serious, but it can commandeer a lot of your time.  I think that is the definition of being a Nerd.  How much you end of loving the weird stuff. A few years ago I used to watch a little quirky show about a boy with a gem in his button.  I never paid much attention to it until my niece developed an addiction for the show, Steven Universe.  Apparently, loved by many this show has take me by surprised and I now have a new Nerd to immerse myself in.  Below is the iHeartRadio edit of my latest 5by5 podcast.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

SDCC and Me Part 2

SDCC and Me Part 2
Mission Beach

We are on the ground in San Diego.  The air is cool and we are amazed that we have made it this far.  After driving for 3 hours and flying for 5 hours with a 3 hour layover in between, we arrive at our quaint and private airbnb (thanks Bryan) in the City Heights area of San Diego.  Barely able to sleep, we force ourselves to bed as we know plenty of new adventures await us in 8 hours.  
Mission Beach
So off to Mission Beach we go for our first adventure.  We stop off at Streetcar Merchants Fried Chicken and Biscuits for breakfast.  But, before we order all the power goes out and we are left with a rumbling stomach.  We promise we will come back later when the power returns.  We walk up and down Lincoln Avenue to do some Pokemon hunting -Did you know San Diego had a ton more different Pokemon than we have here in town- and try to catch'em all.  But, on to the beach it is.  So, it's a quick uber ride down to Mission Beach and we head straight for the ocean.  Well, we head straight to see the ocean.  We are in awe of the sheer massiveness of it all.  Before we go reenact scenes from Baywatch we swing into a local restaurant for a breakfast none of us had realized in months. 

Bellies full we stroll along the beach and head into Belmont Park, a midway area with games a rides. No longer able to contain our excitement for the beach we change into our swim gear and head out to the hot sand and toward the water.  After, several unsuccessful attempts to put up our beach umbrella we go into the water.  I never thought the water would taste this salty.  Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't out there trying to drink up the ocean.  But, the occasional large waves were getting some of water in my mouth.  Yuck.. I have gargled salt water before to help a sore throat.  But, this was no where near that taste.  It was almost offensive.  But, it was amazing at the same time.  Being in the ocean for the first time is something I will never forget.  We played in the water until the lifeguards felt that the waves in our area were too aggressive for your every day beach goer and moved everyone in the area to calmer waters on the beach.  Our day ending abruptly because my sister was being affected from being in the sun too long.  So, we hopped another uber an headed back to Streetcar Merchants for a decadent dinner and to contemplate the day. 

SDCC and Me Part 1

I thought it never could be possible.  Me, attending the Con to Conquer all Cons, the big one, the predecessor, the one and only SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!! 

Well, that possibility turned into reality last weekend as I attended for the 1st time ever SDCC. It was a trip that was made permanent in February as friends of mine obtained the holy grail of tickets.  With 900,000 people clamored for the elusive tickets, I was able to get 2.  

It would be a trip full of first.  My first official family vacation where I was joined by my niece, nephew and sister.  Also, it was the first time any of us had seen the west coast or the ocean even. Lastly, it was the first time for me to take to the skies, not as a superhero, but as a passenger on United Airlines.  I also was able to conquer my fear of flying. 

On Wednesday, we drove to St. Louis with visions of geekdom in our heads and thoughts of our mother in our hearts.  But, determined to make it to the our destination we pushed on and pushed all worry out of our heads. I had heard horror stories about going into airports and getting through TSA and finding the correct gates to catch your flight.  But, the process seemed easier than I expected.  With phone and United Airlines app in hand the journey began after being checked through St. Louis' Lamber Airport and waiting a few hours we were on the plane and up in the air. 

Arriving in San Francisco, we were greeted at the baggage claim by Conan advertisements adorning everything.  And we were officially in San Diego awaiting to start our adventure.


Listen in to the first podcast about our first night in San Diego.