Friday, April 28, 2017

Cigarello or Soda?

Tonight on The 5by5 podcast I share a funny encounter I had today at the cigar store.  Then we talk about when is the best time to give someone advice.  A shout out to a friend and a favor.  And we also talk about upcoming tv show American Gods based off current fantastic Dark House Comic American Gods and previous novel. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Check out how I kicked off my convention at 2 cons in 2 weekends.  

Power Rangers Gooo!!

 A new generation of Power Rangers hit the big screen this weekend.  But, was the pay off as big as the hype? Yes and No.  I think anytime you try to reintroduce an existing character or characters there will always be some risks.  Roberto Orci (producer) had to find a way to pay respect to the vastly popular Saban property that fans adored and at the same time breathe new life into it.  For newcomers, it was fast paced and exciting.  The story was just enough story to make you care about what was going on.  For the old school diehard fans there were plenty of nods to the original series (along with cameos) to take them back to the original Japanese style monster fight scenes that were both comical and exciting.  The same thing that made it worth watching week after week season after season. 
The story is really about Billy Cranston (The Blue Ranger) who is now apparently a bit autistic (although he didn't say it but he did say he was on the spectrum) and a lot more nerdy these days.  We, also, learn he is from a single parent home (now) after his father's passing.  Billy is the catalyst for every major event in this new production.  He initiates the trip to the mountain, the explosion that causes the power coins to be found and he even dies (temporarily) that rallies the team to find the strength to morph into the superheroes they were destined to be.  

The Red Ranger we find out, originally, was Zordon.  In the opening scene we see Bryan Cranston as a fallen Red Ranger that is the only survivor of an apparent attack from Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and sacrifices himself in order to kill Rita.  Fast Forward to present time and we see future Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) as a cow stealing car wrecking juvenile delinquent.  Pink Ranger (Naomi  Scott) is the stereotypical mean girl turned good as she enters detention for a later revealed "picture" incident and wows the juvenile delinquents with a bathroom haircut makeover (corny). The story begins to take shape as Rita Repulsa re-emerges and visits yellow ranger trying to convince her to join the "dark" side. Of course, the yellow ranger is a team player and informs the rangers and Zordon of her plan.  At this point, the Rangers are not able to morph in to the "Power" Rangers but still possess their enhanced strength and agility.  Billy solves the problem for him self and becomes the conscience of the team and is able to morph into the Blue Ranger. Not able to sustain the transformation, Billy and the team lose hope as they know a huge fight is brewing.  Zordon doesn't think that these kids are worthy of the mantel Power Ranger and seeks Alpha's help in getting him out of the wall so he can once battle as the Red Ranger.  While the team loses some of the confidence, Rita attacks and kills Billy.  GASP!! The team rallies together back at the space ship where they find the inner strength to embrace their shared destiny.  Zordon sacrifices his chance to be the Red Ranger again which allows Billy to come back to life and the Power Rangers are now able to Morph.  The fight scene was brief against the "new" puddy men and they eventually get to the boss fight (Rita) as she goes to the Kripy Kreme to find another gem that will make her unstoppable. She raises and then merges with Goldar and the Rangers Zords merge to become the MegaZord and defeat Goldar and Rita.  Whew!!
It's a fun movie to see but it did get a little boring in the middle.  And as always the good stuff is left for the last 10 to 15 mins of the movie. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Get Out!!

By now, if you haven't seen the movie Get Out, you must have surely heard about it. The racially tinged social experiment written, produced and directed by the hilarious Jordan Peele, has taken movie goers on a wild ride.  Some call it racist. Some call it bizarre.  I call it a solid movie with interesting societal mores on race and the races in America.  This week as we finally break from our Podcast hiatus.  I talk about my feelings on the movie.  I also share a very cool article I found on the website that pokes fun at white and black friendships.  I round out this week's discussion with some nerd chat with a mini Logan review and Wonder Woman trailer reaction.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Blue Vs Black Friday

The official kick off of the holiday shopping season is here.  Millions of Americans are more interested in buying that cheap television than voting for a decent President. I for one did both.  But, I was a little saddened by the Nerd Black Friday that we enjoyed last year.  Gamestop introduced us to the Funko Mystery box and Golden Pops, Hot Topic made us guest for the rare black and white Pops and each store had something we all wanted.  But, i digress, this Year each store failed to connect with collectors.  Walmart even threw their name in the hat with a mystery box that was full of foolishness or maybe it was just boring.  Nevertheless, we went shopping each day and night and made the most of a bad shopping situation.  

Run Away?

Tonight we are talking about a few things.  Death and how when it's in the form of someone close how the depression comes in waves.  Making life changing decisions.  And a funny story about a straight guy who "accidentally" goes in to a gay sex club in Berlin and lives to tell the hilarious story. 

Stop Clowning

On this episode we talk about the recent increased random appearances of Clowns in cities across the country. Many are thinking it's just a gimmick to play on people's fear of the painted of creatures  But, others think there are far more nefarious intentions at play. Joined with my favorite cousin and past host, Darling Nikki, shares her thoughts on this not so funny clown invasion.  We, also, talked about the new Luke Cage on Netflix.  And upcoming Halloween shenanigans... Don't forget to check us out on Face Book.