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April 16 2016

I have never read a Moon Knight book before this week's NCBD.  I took a chance on the new No. 1 and I am glad I did.  I think it helped that I didn't know anything about the character.  But now I see there are Egyptian gods and insane asylums all wrapped up in a white costume.  The Lynda Carter inspired, Wonder Woman '77 comics showcases four artist and four stories for our princess.  The best of them all is the first which features Clayface getting himself mixed in with the magical clay Diana was made from on Themyscira.  The other 3 stories are enjoyable but forgettable.  The funny thing is a lot of the stories still have that corny charm of the 70s TV Show.  But, I guess that's the point. Aforce finds themselves as a team and who knew that Dazzler could come back from the dead.  Singularity has pulled her otherworldly friends and doppelgangers together as a team and next week we finally get a new villain and some new costumes. I guess Marvel is using their tv show Agents Of Shield as comic book source material.  This week's Mockingbird (which is very good) adds in Bobbi's husband/boyfriend/love interest in a new story that gets more interesting as the story and it all goes down at The Hellfire Club!

And it's 75 years of Captain America with a new Comiczine devoted to the First Avenger! 

 April 8 2016

This week we see the beginning of the end for Midnighter.  But, not just the character.  DC has decided to drop this comic during it's "Rebirth" event coming later in the summer.  But, with our hot hero being reunited with his ex boyfriend we will finally see the end of a good story and who is behind the theft from the God Garden.  The Darkseid War proved to be a good read.  Featuring Wonder Woman, it explained what else happened on Themyscira.  All the Gods are having babies with humans apparently.  I am infatuated with Jessica Drew.  But, as you all know, I love a heroine.  But, I have always been drawn to her.  I started the most recent series in good faith.  But, after the writing and stories started to suck.  I dropped it like a radioactive spider.  But, alas, there is hope. Spider-Women No. 1 that features the inexplicably popular Spider Gwen and Cindy Moon aka Silk in a Spiderverse story featuring only the women.  The story sends the ladies (sans jessica's baby) to another Earth where it's fun and carny food.  There is a bit of a scuffle and the ladies get trapped because the transporter is stolen from Gwen's purse.  Hmpf! And Lastly, Black Panther is back on the stands with a new Number 1 and there is a uprising on Wakanda that all the vibranium in the world can't put at bay.

March 20, 2016

Finally, I get an Xmen book that I actually enjoyed reading. I used to collect exclusively Xmen comics.  But, something happened to the story lines where I just wasn't interested anymore.  But, this week's NCBD's Extraordinary Xmen reminded me of what I had been missing. Storm is torn on her decisions concerning the remaining mutants on the planet and the impeding their proposed genocide by the terrigen mist. Throw in some time travel and Apocalypse and you have new story arc begging to be read.  Speaking of Terrigen Mist the new Inhumans book is a tad boring.  I liked it better pre-secret wars. Avengers is another comic that I have enjoyed reading.  Mainly because the new Ms. Marvel is now an Avenger.  And apparently, she didn't get kicked off the team.  Kang has been manipulating our favorite android and reveals himself.  Jane Foster's Thor ends his tirade but she is worried about her secret cancer fight will be outed to the team.  Lastly, Superman Wonder Woman #27 came all bagged up and pretty. But, I had to remove it from the bag to reveal a pretty cool cover.  The story itself is a transitional story and is laying the ground work for more epic battles to come.

March 13, 2016
This week in comics finds one of my holy grail finds at Lexington Comic & Toy Con.
Action Comics 521
1st Appearance of Vixen
I also, had a sketch covered commissioned from Sean Fornery and an early book from Kyle Starks

February 13, 2016
I can always count on Saga to be so inclusive with the LGBTI community.  And they will even throw in a sex scene or two.  This was a great issue introducing new characters to our favorite space "saga". I think you will enjoy this month's issue even if you are not into gay fish men. 

November 4, 2015
Midnighter is under the gun this week. Paper Girls gets more mysterious.  The Darkseid War gives life to new No. 1 comics Batman and The Flash.  The mutants are sterilized by the Terrigen Mist and Storm and the team decide to do something about it. Batman & Robin Eternal keeps us going down the rabbit hole as we focus on Tim Drake's story and Who or What is Cassandra Kane?

Coming too Halloween Comic Fest October 31

October 21, 2015
Karnak is a beast, the Inhuman vs Xmen war is coming, there is a cure for Beauty, Clark dumps Diana, Donna Troy gets a stoning and Cassandra Kane saves the day.
October 14, 2015
Ms. Marvel is the such a great read, even when she is not being a super hero, Batman And Robin Eternal has the entire bat family on edge, Aforce wraps up for now.  The Beauty is my favorite now superhero obsession (Brian K Vaguhn) and I will not be picking up The Uncanny Avengers.


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