Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pray the gay away?!?

I am loving Oprah's OWN network with the variety of shows and programming they are producing.  I especially like Lisa Ling's "Our America".  It's very provocative, and the programming is something you may not see on network television.  One particular topic of Our America was EX GAYS.  It showcased gay men and women who had "Prayed the Gay Away".  The show highlighted the controversial Exodus group and it's pastor Ken Hutcherson.  I think LIsa LIng was polite and showed Exodus in a proactive light, instead of the vile evil that they seem to surround themselves with.  I just read an article where their leader (Hutcherson) is an advocate for antigay bullying and violence. The only thing I can say is.. "and you are supposed to be Christians".  But, I digress. I have always had a struggle on some level about my christian life vs. my gay life.  I am not trying to argue anyone down about how right or how wrong my being gay is.  A long time ago I figured out for myself that I was really born this way.  But, this is just to hard of a pill (for a lot of religious people) to swallow.  Because, if being gay is some how natural or even a hiccup of nature. Then what does that say about our Bible and how we interpret the words within it.  With that said I do believe some Christians should be challenged to live what they preach.  Or better yet, that tiny verse in Leviticus that they all seem to rattle off when faced with the homosexuality question.  My challenge to them is explore the entire book of Leviticus and live your life accordingly. Then we have something to talk about.  The video below shows a young man who is trying to abstain from being gay. I cannot blame him for making a choice. It his life so I cannot judge his decision.  Do I believe it can be done? That's another blog for another day. So, it's worth checking out and you can come to your own conclusions.  I will say that the God I serve is a loving God.  He knows my heart. 


  1. When I was a teenager, I tried to pray my gay away and I found a boyfriend. Thank you God!

  2. That's hilarious. Maybe I should pray harder.