Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chris Brown Exposed!

I try really hard not to put up any explicit content here so everyone can enjoy my blog.  But, with a little photo shopping, I was able to include the latest Chris Brown photo.  Recently, Mr. Brown tweeted a picture of his new hair color.  I think it looks good on him, reminds me of Sisco when he was still relevant.  But, the latest pic doesn't show case his head, but his other.. errr 'head' for lack of a better word.  I will say that now we know why Rhianna may have taken a few slaps upside the head before she had enough.  Sometimes being well endowed isn't enough.  Click the picture to go to the site that SHOWS Chris in his uncensored Birthday Suit. Warning if you are not above age 18 do not go to this site.
Click Here

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