Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My First Demolition Derby

I have never been to a Demolition Derby every!  But, that all changed this passed weekend.   
During a work related outing, I was charged with taking some clients to the local 4H-Fair. I haven't been to a State Fair in Indiana since I was a kid so my reluctant excitement was pretty high.  We ate some of the typical fair food and saw some prize winning squash and tomatoes.  We also saw a collage on How To Make A Gun, compiled a by a 3rd grader.. Interesting to say the least.  Then we made our way over to the Llama and Alpaca displays. These animals all the while beautiful were pretty stuck up and stinky. It was fun and oddly enjoyable. 

The pinnacle of the evening was the Demolition Derby.  The cars took the track and the carnage ensued. I wondered how no one received any injuries from all of the crash and smash these cars were giving and taking. The crowd was into it.  I was too, but my excitement was suppressed by my mutant ability to maintain my composure at all times.  Check out the video below. 

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