Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Facebook My Funeral

Well I have never witnessed it before in my Facebook timeline.  But, today was my lucky day, obviously. I am scrolling along seeing who were bragging, nagging and bitching on FB this morning.  Then all of a sudden I see a dead man lying in a coffin.  I knew it wasn't Halloween so I figured it was the real deal.  If anyone knows me, they know I do not like seeing dead people in caskets or funerals.  It's all very morbid and sad.  But, today one of my friends, who just lost his father, felt the need to share it with his Facebook friends. Self Included!  I was mortified and horrified all at the same time.  I have even seen websites dedicated to the funeral "selfie" how gross! But, I am not judging him (or them) but I think the dead especially a parent deserves a little more respect and privacy than having him laid up in a casket dead on Facebook.  That's a photographic memory that I don't want to save.  But, I am sure he had his reason. But, to all who is reading and listening, family and friends.  Do Not Facebook My Funeral. 

Listen in below to this bonus episode to hear the full story.

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