Friday, January 10, 2014

Those Priest Did What?

The title makes you wonder what I have come up with now.  Well in this episode of  The 5by5 Late Night I talk about the Romanian Orthodox Priest who made a calendar with buff semi nude male models. Okay, the article says they really weren't from the priesthood but an artistic depiction showing that not everyone in the faith posses the same old mentality of Orthodox church.  check out the full article here

We also talked about a article that asked the question: 
What's Your State Bad At? The findings are hilarious. We didn't go through all 50, but we will save some for another show.  Lastly, I read a funny article from that talked about how parents need to be more cautious when naming their children. It's very funny.  
Below find some more pics and the video from the Orthodox Calendar.

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