Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Drive

Today has been the worst day for driving.  So, I thought I would chat about it.    I was driving home from work today just talking about how people in smaller cities drive.  I normally drive very cautiously and defensively and that's probably from my days of driving on 75 and 285 in Atlanta, GA.  But, moving back to a smaller area has caused me a little bit of driver culture shock. Not only because people drive entirely too slow here.  Because, honestly, I always plan ahead so I can make it to my destination on time. But, they just do not think.  I guess you can see that all over, no matter where you live.  This morning's drive as you will hear was pretty tame.  But, driving around town this afternoon was a bit of a challenge (not recorded).  I mean I was almost killed once this morning, but almost killed twice this afternoon.  The reason why, you ask? Most drivers are inconsiderate.. the concept of turning signals, right of way and merging seem to go out the window when you are not aware or care about the other drivers around you.  
I promise I didn't rage too much but my horn sure did. LOL. 
Enjoy this bonus episode of The 5by5 Late Night Show. 

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