Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Isn't For Everyone

I have seen this all over the Internet lately.  I guess people are trying to find alternative ways to heat their homes this very cold winter.  Well not everything is meant for you to do in your home.  I don't understand all these YouTube challenges either. I mean, do you want to hurt yourself? Or I just might be old.  LOL. Tonight's episode featured the 411 on these DIY flower pot heaters. I'm just not doing it in my house. I also give my take on the proposed Wonder Woman origin revamp for the Batman Vs. Superman movie.  I dunno about this one fanboys, but I kind of see it.  The Doctors shared a quiz about sugar addiction and I wasn't surprised about my results. Finally, as promised, I give you the scoop on Evander Holyfield's apparent feelings on gays needing to be fixed because we chose our lifestyle. *side eye*

 Funny Episode thanks for checking us out.

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