Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Evander Holyshhhh Shut Your Mouth

Well I doubt if anyone goes to Evander Holyfield for words of wisdom.  But, one person did on Big Brother Celebrity UK.  Speaking of a gay cast mate, Evander went on an almost intelligible rant on how being homosexual is a choice.  And that's fine.  He can say what he wants.  But, is that what is wrong with society now?  We persecute people who have opinion? NOT AT ALL! Just like I said previously about the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson-gate.  No one is taking away Evander's freedom of speech.  Because, in fact, they already used it. Albeit, the producers of the show scolded him on hate speech.  My only problem is people seem to be invested and follow the words of celebrities. And for me that is the bigger problem . How do we combat it? We can't!  We can take away their platform. We can lecture them how to speak more thoughtfully.  But, then the world turns on it's head and accuses the accusers of being too sensitive.  All we can hope is that people who genuinely think for themselves, do just that THINK FOR THEMSELVES!   And doesn't Holyfield have about 1000 children (one of which came to his defense today) all living on the same property in Fayettville, GA somewhere?  I would be more concerned  about those needs than trying to throw your wisdom into the gay choice debate.

Check out the clip from TMZ below!

Check out The 5by5 Late Night live podcast for the whole story and other hot topics.

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