Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Cold But The Topics Are Hot

It is so cold here in South West Indiana.. I mean the high temp for tomorrow is -1 degrees.  I really need to move back to the south.  But, to warm me up this week I have some crazy hot topics for you in 2 episodes of The 5by5 Podcast. First up is the hot topic everyone and his brother has been talking about.. Triple D, better known as double d..k dude.  Seriously, this guy shows (click here) us that he was actually blessed with not 1, but 2 penises.  OMFG!! 


In Episode 2 we chat about how I was forced to buy clearance holiday candy at 75% off... CURSES!!  Also, journalist Itay Hod sort of outs Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock in a Facebook post. SCANDAL! And after The Colts pull off the victory of the season, some of the best plays or pictures were taken in the locker room.  Tom McAfee mistakenly takes a picture of team mate Andrew Luck naked
. See I told you it was hot up in here today. Enjoy!

Lastly stay tuned to The 5by5 for our upcoming interview with gay author, Alan Chin.  I ran across his blog the other day and submitted my information to get a sample of his writing.  I devoured the 63 page e story in a few hours.  It was so good.  I want more. If anyone knows me they know I love meeting new people and what better way to meet someone new is to interview them.  Check out his site and get your free e-book or  for your free story.

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