Friday, January 3, 2014

Tricked By The E Cigarette

Well, I received this in the mail today.  I was elated because I thought I was finally getting to use an e cigarette.  But, to my dismay it was only half of what I needed.  MarkTen is the company supplying the chargers and battery, but you have to purchase the actual cartridge.  Check out the latest podcast to find out what I ended up doing. Also, I spoke about how many gay scandals have been coming out of football lately.  We have an update on the Aaron Rodgers outing and the firing of Minnesota Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe for supporting gay rights. 

And lastly, has Miley Cyrus finally fallen and hit her head by making some questionable remarks about Queen Bee, herself, Beyonce? I mean if Beyonce can shut the power down at the Super Bowl imagine she can do to your career.  Just ask Keyshia Cole and Kerri Hilson. LOL

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