Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FOX Affiliate Gets A Surprise

Did you all hear about the FOX affiliate showing off a big penis during their news broadcast?  Well, I guess they really weren't showing off but, the penis was still there for at least a second.  Earlier this week, during a live broadcast about a helicopter crash FOX31 was going through pictures of what seemed to be (at first) scenes from the crash.  But, while scrolling through the pics we get pictures not about the story.. First, there was Edward Scissorhands then a picture of a weird looking baked good.. then all of the sudden a big uncircumcised penis is flashed on the screen and almost as fast it is gone. When you see the news panel  again you could almost cut the tension with a knife. I thought their reaction was priceless.  I mean what's the big deal.  Did the one on the end recognize the protruding member? It was very funny.. I laugh each time I see it.  Hopefully, this will teach them a lesson about getting their pictures from some one's twitter feed.  

Below is the broadcast video.. Do not click play if seeing big uncut penises offend you.

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