Thursday, July 17, 2014

Batman and True Blood Catch Up Post

I have been talking about the Batman 75th Anniversary on my podcast for some time now.  DC Comics is going all out for The Dark Knight for his birthday.  The festivities will commence on July 23rd at your local comic book stores and Barnes & Noble during their Get Pop-Cultured in store event.  There will be a free comic book giveaway of Detective Comics #27 re-telling of the origin of Batman.  Also, preceding Batman 75 DC has released 13 on going series with variant covers by various artist.  Superman Wonder Woman 10 and Justice League 33 (not in stores yet) show below. 

Check out the podcast to find out all the information on Batman 75.

True Blood returned 4 weeks ago and I am still on the fence.  Now, I will finish the series since I am 6 years invested in it.  But, with the surprising deaths of Tara and Alcide before we even get to the middle of the season has left a sad taste in my mouth.  I mean there deaths were treated so insignificantly It makes you think they were B-list characters.  I for one think that Hep V Vampire storyline was used too much already and I wish it was already over.  But, you can check out the podcast below and hear my full review on True Blood so far! 

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