Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get Me Bodied

Can we say that Prince Fielder from Major League Baseball is the best representation of ESPN's Body Magazine they have had in years. I am sitting here now and I am thinking I could definitely have that body. I have read online where there is a lot of fat shaming going on about him and his body type. There have been some really mean and nasty things said about him not being the typical ripped or ultra skinny idea of body perfection.  I think those haters are missing the point.  Prince himself says he needs to work on his fitness, but if there was any indication that he was ashamed of how he looked naked we wouldn't be talking about it now, right? 
Tonight on Real Talk with David, Nikki and Ken we not only talked about these bodies.  But, we talked about fully clothed ones from The View all the way to Dr. Phil.  Listen in below to our most recent podcast. 

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