Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beyonce Rules the World

Beyonce Rules The World

Yeah, the album has been out for about a month now and I love it.  Just getting around to giving you a review on it.  Not what you expected, but definitely worth the listen.

Well if you haven't bought the newest Beyonce album titled 4 yet, go get yourself a copy.  Don't let the negative press and hater gossip persuade you not to give this album a chance.  Bey has done something that no artist has done in recent years.  She did not make a formulaic album.  What I mean is, she didn't make songs that we will hear on the radio a thousand times and then forget about next year.  This album, although more mid-tempo than previous releases is one of those beginning to the end albums.  Yeah, you can pick out your favorites, but I like to listen to it as a whole.  If I have any favorites I would say they would be 1+1, Countdown, Party, End of Time and I Care.  Many will say that it is missing some of the heavy R&B tracks like 'Upgrade-U and DIVA' or the POP ballads like 'Irreplaceable and If I Were A Boy'. read more

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