Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Nerd Weekend Edition

What a weekend for this Blerd.  I actually started out pretty early on Thursday evening by seeing the latest Captain America movie The Winter Soldier. It was AWESOME! Then on Friday and Saturday I attended the first ever Pop Culture and Comic Book Convention for my little city, appropriately named POP!CON. 

I met so many cool and interesting people that I could barely contain my inner geek.  There were things I liked and there will always be things you do not like.  But overall it was a fantastic event and weekend.  

I did get a lot of swag and was happy with my purchases.  I missed out on some stuff I wanted because of my profound procrastination.  But, next time I will plan better.  

The event was filled with some Cosplayers, Artist, Vendors and Celebrities.

Most of the celebrities were really cool and down to Earth.  I took pictures with UFC Fighter Miesha Tate and Making Monsters Reality contestant Mikey Rotella.  Mikey has worked on big budget films such as Cabin In The Woods and Man Of Steel.  He  was very cool and very real.  He gave us an inside scoop of the industry and told us how they made the Michael Myers mask from the Halloween films. Listen to the below Nerd Week Edition to hear the an excerpt from his panel discussion. 

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Nerd Weekend at POPCON

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