Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seeing Is Believing?

Seeing isn't always believable when you are seen somewhere someone thinks you shouldn't be.  And this week we talk about it on our The 5by5 Podcast.  If you are grown and have no one to answer to but yourself, why should you or anyone care if they have seen you somewhere they think you should have not been.  Also, Can you really have a twitter war with someone if they do not respond to you? Lastly, I hate caskets and dead people.  I hate even more when they show up in photos on social media.  But, this new way to memorialize your deceased loved one has thrown me for a loop.  I mean I turned about seven cartwheels trying to get the images out of my head. What is it you say? What can make a fat boy do gymnastics? THEME FUNERALS!! Yes, a small but growing number of funeral homes are offering to display your loved one in a scene from their life. #SideEye.. Listen to all of the messy details on this week's "Didn't I See You?" episode of The 5by5 Podcast. 

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