Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The A Listers Are Back!

Enter Nyasha
Are They Together or not?
What a night, What a night, What a night.... Yesterday's premiere of The A List New York was nothing less than AWESOME!! The boys were back with delicious drama on the very 1st episode of the second season. We find out that Reichen and Rodiney have obviously broken up... They imply that it was because of Reichen's Cam4 rendezvous and subsequent viral penis pictures. But, that wasn't the most explosive drama of this episode. New Comer Nyasha makes her debut, a singer/ business owner, that definitely knows how to play both sides. I am not sure why she was cast on this show. She doesn't really add anything but a lot of misplaced drama and diva-tude. Oh and she also owns a wig company and her hair looks an absolute mess. Anyway, Ryan is as fabulous as ever and TJ is obviously over and under whelmed by the state of their friendship. Derek has lost some of his edge and obviously has gained a little weight which actually makes him look more attractive. Let's hope his tanning product line works out for him. Mike Ruiz will actually have a story line this year since he is dating now. Last, but not least my least favorite character, Austin, still shows us why he is probably the unofficial star of the show. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA... He is still trying to play the "Reichen and I are friends" card, but Ryan quickly shuts it down. This episode ends with a fight once again between Austin and Rodiney with Nyasha in the middle of it all. The previews of rest of the season look very exciting and I will be watching intently. We will see who prevails, but it looks like a long and bumpy road for our Male housewives.

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