Monday, May 26, 2014

Doing The Dew

I thought I had kicked my soft drink addiction.  I was doing so good.  I had been drinking a ton of water.  I fell in love with the Sparkling Ice flavored water.  It was going to be my "chantix" for soda addiction.  But, those tricky people at Mtn Dew had other plans for my pancreas.  They released a bottled version of the Taco Bell exclusive Baja Blast. I sort of knew that it was happening, but since I was content on drinking my water I didn't give it much thought.  And since I knew that I wasn't really eating at the taco chain anymore and my craving for my most favorite Mtn Dew (to date) was only sold in the restaurant.  I thought I was okay.  Until I seen it at a local convenience store and all my willpower sort of just went away.  And now I am back on The Mountain Dew Juice.... Curses!! Also, on this episode of The 5by5 podcast I share my views on giving your kids realistic names. Unlike the silly woman (who lives locally) who named her child after Walmart of all places.  #sideeye 
Check out the podcast below to hear all these stories and more!! 

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