Tuesday, June 4, 2013

True Story Tuesday: Social Media Sarcasm

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This week's True Story is about my run in, online, with crazy people.  Have you ever been harassed  by a nut job online? Well, I have.  I use a social media app called Getglue. Getglue is a television check in app.  With the app you check in to what you are watching and others can comment  on it.  Well, I commented on some one's review of Charmed.  It was wrong, so I wanted to point out where is was wrong.  She gets mad and sends me an email saying she will find me in Atlanta. Is it that serious? 
Facebook app Bitstrip has gotten a lot of popularity lately. But, it's recent use of situations are not that funny.  I also chat about twitter warrior, Amanda Bynes. Ms. Bynes is now feuding with Perez Hilton and Lance Bass.  She's crazy.  Cheerios commercial stirs up the racist with their interracial cast (see below). 
HPV may give you straight guys throat cancer. Just ask Michael Douglas.

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