Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fanboy Friday: Teen Wolf, Comic Reviews, X-Men & More

It's Fanboy Friday and we do not have a lot but we do have big little stuff.  
First all how do you like the new Fanboy Friday banner? I think it's cool because I made it. LOL and it looks just like me too.

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On this week's show we talk about the upcoming Xmen Days of Future Past with Bryan Singer back at the helm.  From what I have read,  it seems like it will be a close rendition to what the original comic book story told. The question many are asking is how is Patrick Stewart going to reprise his role as Prof X.  If you remember our dear Professor was killed in Xmen The Last Stand by the horrible Jean Grey/ Phoenix character that was brain stormed by Brett Ratner.  I hated The Last Stand. Phoenix no fire, nuff said.

Also, Hugh Jackman isn't sure about his future with the Wolverine franchise. reports that he wasn't sure after the first solo Wolvie movie was he going to be involved anymore. But, as we type he is taping his scenes in Days Of Future Past.  It is also rumored that he may make an appearance in The Avengers 2 movie.  What would it be like if Hugh Jackman was recasted in the future Xmen/Wolverine movies.  Only time will tell I guess.
 @BryanSinger on twitter tweeted this pic of Michael Fassbender
on the set of X-Men Days of  Future Past

Our Comic Book Reviews for this week are from Avatar and Valiant.  Avatar's Absolution was a blood bath.  And Valiant's Harbinger Wars seems promising.  Listen in to my review. 

I have incorporated a new feature in Fanboy Friday.  The Fanboy Friday Throwback is something that I thought would be fun and interesting.  In the theme of the show we will be revisiting one of my fave Comic Books, Television Shows or Video Games that have either been forgotten or gone away.
  This week's throw back comes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

Last but not least, Teen Wolf is back with it's new season.  Check out the show to hear my recap.

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