Wednesday, June 12, 2013

True Story Tuesday: Pride!

June is Gay Pride month across the globe.  Gays everywhere hit the streets, parks, clubs and theme parks all in the name of PRIDE.  Although, I have not attended a pride event in recent years.  I do love seeing online all the fanfare that some cities put into it.  It's nice to see. 

I thought today I would share with you all my journey to being a proud gay man. Darling Nikki is back on this week's show.  She brings us up to date with what's going on with her.  Then we both talk about television, social media and everything else!! 

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Coming Out
I never have shared this story publicly, other than with close friends and family.  As many gay men and women, I knew I was gay early on.  But, in the era I grew up in it wasn't a good ideal to go around stating the fact.  Although, many kids had their fun with me by calling fag and sissy.  I never admitted it to anyone. And for a time I even suppressed it from myself. I went through grade school, high school and college with this feeling that I knew I had to act on to be complete.  I remember a gay bar being downtown and riding my bike past it and just knowing that's what it was and I was drawn to it.  But, again I never went in.  I was of age but scared to death.  So, I would just ride by and try to listen and see through the very high and private patio fence.  Much to my dismay it didn't work.  But, I would be liberated by a little dating phone service called private lines.  Do you remember how you could buy time on this phone service and listen to personal gay ads in your city.  It was so shady.  You could either mail in your payment, use a credit card or drop off a  cash to their local office.  Since, I was still young and not really into credit cards.  I decided to drop off cash.  It was a remote brick building where you stick your cash in a drop box and someone would put time on your  account.  It was weird.  You would always see one car leave and out of nowhere another would show up. I figured no one wanted to be seen going there to drop off their cash for a gay phone service.  Well, I didn't care and made my first of many cash drop offs.  A day later I was on the service making a voice personal and responding to ads.  It was exciting and intriguing.

Listen into the show to hear the rest of the story. It's a doozy!! 

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