Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fanboy Friday: Iron Man 3, Wolverine & Teen Wolf

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I know I am late but I finally saw Iron Man 3.  I was so disappointed.  Not saying that it wasn't a good movie.  It just wasn't a good fanboy movie. (in my opinion) I think what they did to The Mandarin was dumb.  I mean how can you take away the power rings and the history.  He ended up being a front for a fake terrorist.  I did like seeing all the different Iron Man Armors.. But, it left me wanting more. I also like the fact that he was talking to Dr. Bruce Banner at the end.  I guess he will move into Stark Towers and that will be the base of operations for the 2nd Avengers Movie. 

I have to say that  I liked what I saw in the Thor: The Dark World trailer.  It looks amazing.  

The Wolverine trailer released today left little to the imagination.  I saw Viper, Silver Samurai and The Hand.  It looks like it will be another hit for the fanboys and girl's favorite X-Man. 

Teen Wolf is really turning it up this season. Supernatural powered Alpha Werewolves, secret societies, and Stiles almost gets laid.  I like seeing Bianca Lawson on the show.  If you remember she was Kendra The Vampire Slayer on Buffy.  We get a few surprises this week with the appearance of Derrick's sister and one of the twin alpha wolves is gay!! Listen to the show for my full recap.

Also, this week's Fanboy Throwback goes to 
 I have been a fan since she slipped on the tight purple cat suit and kicked her way to comic fandom in 1967-68 in the Schwartz live action Batman series.  To hear all things Batgirl check out the 2nd half of the show.  Check out Yvonne Craig Here

This week's comic reviews are Pippi and Aphrodite IX.

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