Friday, June 21, 2013

Fanboy Friday: True Blood 'nuff said

This week on Fanboy Friday we talk about the Season Premiere of  True Blood.  I was not that enthused.  But, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it.  The one person I am over in this series is Jason Stackhouse.  It looks like they have changed Tara.  We didn't see much from Sam Merlotte or Lafayette, but I am sure both of their stories will grow.  I hope they don't ruin the Bill Compton character with this whole Billith thing.  It could get a little old.  I wonder if this will be the last year for this show. I know it's going strong, but how long can it really go.  I need to read the books.  

Also, Teen Wolf is back and not only does Scott and Derek have to fight off Boyd the moon starved wolf.  There is a new player in town killing virgins. And is Stiles the next victim. Allison is hunting on here own.  And Lydia is going crazy again. Peter is the usual asshole. 

AppleTv finally adds HBO Go and Watch ESPN to their line up.  And I give you this
 weeks top Superhero IOS Apps.

Thanks To FrogPants Studio for my Free Comic Book Day free piece of signed art.  Below

This week's Fanboy Throw Back comes from Wonder Woman 172.  It features the death of Hippolyta!

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