Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's My Girlfriend?

Behind many gay men, you'll sometimes find a straight woman or vice versa.  In my life I have had several serious relationships with straight females. They have been my best friends, my confidants even at times my scapegoats. But, I have loved and I now miss them all. Life has a funny way of driving wedges in relationships no matter who's involved.  Why am I sharing this with you, you ask? During the Atlanta Snow Storm of 2011, I had the opportunity to catch up on some Tivo. A show that I recorded, but had not watched, seemed to fit a snowed in day of television. Girls who like boys who like boys was the title of my 8 hour TV marathon.  Shown on the Sundance channel, GWLBWLB, chronicles the life of 4 "couples" in New York City.  It just so happens that the couple consists of 1 Gay Man and 1 Straight Woman.  I found it interesting how I could relate to every couples problems and connections to each other.  Some of the interactions seemed like a few pages out of my life.  The show can be a little corny at times, but very heart felt at others.  I sat through all 8 episodes wanting my own "Girlfriend".  Maybe that's what I am missing right now in my life.  A female friend to share private thoughts and secrets with that  sometimes cannot be shared with another man. I'll let you guys know when I find her... again..


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