Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm going to be a Quitter

I have decided to become a quitter.  I know this sounds weird to all of you but it's actually a good thing.  I have been a smoker for a little over 10 years.  I can remember exactly when and where it happened.  I was dating someone and he passed me a cigarette on our way home from Louisville, KY to calm me down after a very heated discussion.  And a few drags later I was hooked.  I do remember hating cigarette smoke and smokers for a very long time because of a family member's use.  But, now I was who I didn't want to become.  Well at the end of last year while I was choosing my health benefits for 2010, I noticed the smoker rates had risen quite steeply.  I, also, noticed that there was  a new cessation program available that if you joined you could pay non-smoker rates.  NO BRAINER!!  The program consisted of free patches and counseling.  I order my patches and they have been siting on my desk for about a month.  I just wasn't ready. But, I think I am now.  So, tomorrow April 19, 2010 will be the first day I will be using the patches.  I smoked my last cigarette about six hours ago.  I am ready.  So with a lot of determination and willpower I will beat this addiction that has had me for over a decade.

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