Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Week So Far

Wow, the week has started out with a bang.  I was invited to go to a
mandatory company outing on Tuesday.  I thought you could decline invitations.  I was obviously wrong.  Nevertheless, I had to drive all the way across town to a meeting place, to catch a bus to the main destination.  Now if you live in Atlanta you know that rush hour traffic is no joke.   So, I leave extra early to be in front of the traffic so I could make it on time to the Lithonia area of town.  Thank God I left early because I had the chance to have some breakfast before the 1:45 trek to Augusta, GA.  I was sort of excited since I had never been to Augusta.  But, upon my arrival a big charter bus was not what I had in mind.  Wow, big bus I thought.  Although, it did have an amenity that I did not expect.  TV's above the seats, on a bus? How long has it been since I have been on one of these things?  Although, I like the genius of Carlos Santana.  I had no intention of hearing a full concert of him and others serenading me on this trip.  So, I just put on my head phones and pretended to be asleep, so no one would talk to me.  The trip itself was boring.  LOL!

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