Thursday, November 6, 2014

Don't Look Down

Sometimes you have to walk life just like you would walk a tightrope and not look down.  Because sometimes when you look down there are people and things that are rooting for you to fall down.  It really has been a strange week dealing with people who I thought cared about me.  But, I realized all they wanted was an opportunity to see me fail.  But, I don't do failure.  I will never let anyone hold me down.  I will never let any one's perception of me control my actions.  I have to say I was conflicted. But, just as I always say on my podcast Excellent Strength and Perfect Clarity.  I have been set free.  So enjoy tonight's episode on Election 2014, Absolutely Normal Bad Habits,  What Country Google's the Most Gay Porn and put your razors down it's Movember.

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