Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fanboy Weekly: Search Coming To An End

As you probably already know I have been searching for a copy of Lois Lane 106 but my search is coming to an end, hopefully.  Also, I am can be a little late on the fanboy news but I just realized that Dave Bautista is the same Batista that will be in Guardians of the Galaxy movie this summer as Drax the Destroyer.  

Also, Monday saw the release of the long awaited WWE Network.  Fans of  World Wrestling Entertainment found some difficulty logging on and in. It took me about 30 mins to complete the process.  But, I have found it to be interesting.  I am a luke warm fan and enjoy some of the entertainers.  What I have watched already is Legends of WWE and it was the Bret Hart/ Sean Michaels story. Which was very interesting.  Check out what else I found out about the new WWE Network below.

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