Monday, January 20, 2014

Side Eyes For All

Everyone in this post gets a Side Eye.. 

Have you heard the latest Celebrity that has gone around gay bashing? Well, let's not say celebrity.  I give Snooki more celebrity cred than this asshole.  He is none other than Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor from the ABC reality show.  He says gays couldn't be on the bachelor because we are too "pervert" and not right for kids to be watching on television.  I mean what parent allows their children and more specifically young girls watch this women degrading show anyway? He has a lot of nerve. Listen in to what else I had to say about the bachelor.  Also, on today's episode I revisit my a bonus episode about Facebook and Funerals

Lastly I speak of a soon to be Internet sensation with her crazy vids that she does with her mom. Telling people off on cam see video below of  local girl Ashli Gay and her mom Cindy. 

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