Monday, January 20, 2014

LOOKING, familiar

 Well after all of the hype HBO's new gay series "Looking" made it's debut on Sunday night. I was kind of hyped because we haven't had a gay themed drama from a major network in sometime.  I miss the days of Noah's Arc and Queer As Folk. But, Looking is seeking to fill the void for us gay men in waiting. Well, as I say in my review the stereotypes in this premiere episode were a little unsettling  In the first 5 mins we get park cruising and a hand job.  Later on we get pretentious queens, a three way and chicken chasers.  I was like seriously they are really going to come out like this? Although, QAF did have some very stereotypical imagery throughout the series.  But, it was a different time for gay men and women.  We are so much more visible now.  We expect respect from a society who will and has used everything to deny us our basic rights. I don't see how using the same  stereotypical visuals to describe our community in THE FIRST episode helps us.  Or do we just chalk it up to storytelling and let it go.  I am going to give this one a few more views before canceling my HBO subscription.  LOL.. Not really True Blood has one more season.. lol.

More Magic than Mike?
yes ma'am!

And finally, I saw a Huffington Post article about Full Frontal scenes from male actors in the movies.  What I didn't know is just how many movies there were that showed us what we all have obviously been missing.  But, since I love you guys.  I thought I would share the very NSFW video!  And not one of them is from any actor in Magic Mike.  What up with that?  Enjoy!!

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