Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cupcake Stories

Yes,  you read it right.  These are not bedtime stories.. Today's podcast came straight from the bakery.  Or, I went straight to the bakery and bought some cupcakes and ate them while I recorded the podcast.. Hmmm
Anyway. tonight on the 5by5 Late Night Show I paid my respects to the man who made my life and living (in the figurative sense) possible. Martin Luther King jr.  The man and the message is to be remembered & respected. 

In other news, I address the firestorm that is the new HBO Looking series.. I had to chat about it again because I got some flack for saying I didn't like the stereotypes in the show.  I also give a few tips or aversion therapy on Public Restrooms.. Ewww gross, right?! 

I finish up by taking a quiz about Measuring Up? I am sure it was real scientific. 
See how you rate here on buzzfeed.com website 

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