Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Live @ Starbucks

One of my most favorite things I like to do is hang out with my niece and nephew.  They are like my children.  But, I am the cool Uncle that gets to spoil them before I take them home.  But, we went to Starbucks today to have some coffee.  My niece ordered a Venti and it was gone in 2.5 seconds. Then she starts complaining that she was hot.  *Side Eye* Nevertheless, it was a good day.  I even scored the Man Of Steel bluray for 13 bucks at Target. So all in and all a good day.  My nephew had a bit of an attitude when I wouldn't buy him a $20 box of Pokemon cards.  Here's the thing I purchased him a pack earlier today and if that wasn't good enough he will be strong! 

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