Sunday, November 17, 2013

You're Cool For A Gay Guy

I read a very funny article this morning and I just had to share my thoughts. It was called "5 Things You Should Never Say To A Gay Man" by Ryan O'Connell.  (article here)

He goes through his list of things that straight people say to gay men and lesbians that are not only ridiculous but, kind of, funny.  I give my spin on each of his THINGS-NOT-TO-SAY.
My favorite was No.5 , which is the same as the title of this blog.  "You're cool for a gay guy", maybe offensive to some.  But, I embrace it as I share my own story about my encounters with the phrase.  I think if approached the right way we can break down negative stereotypes that make some say this to us. 
Thanks for tuning in!!

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