Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fanboy Weekly: I Wonder, Woman

Welcome back! We haven't had a Fanboy Friday (now weekly) post in awhile. But, this show is a good and informative one.  Listen in as we chat about the new Marvel Infinity comic book that just came out.  If you remember during Free Comic Book Day the Infinity prequel book was one of the giveaways.  But, now it's here in all it's glory.  The cover is awesome and the artwork is great.  You will also find an offer for a digital copy and a bonus copy. I'll tell you how during  the show!
Also, I give a small review about the animated movie Superman Unbound. It's a pretty good story and I felt like it was sequel to Batman/Superman Apocalypse.  I thought so it featured Supergirl and the elements from the first movie kind of led into this one. But, that is just my opinion.  I also loved the fact the Matt Bomer was voice lead for Superman/Clark.  I recently found out that he was married to his boyfriend.  If you remember Matt, he stars in the show White Collar and was one of the strippers in Magic Mike.

Finally, the main focus of this blog and he show. The Amazon Princess, daughter of Paradise Island:

DivasWe chat about why we cannot get a good live action feature for our favorite heroine. I think they should use the very well written animated movie for material. We have WW in so many animated movies and television cartoons, it's hard for me to believe that she can't get her own show.  I also asked the question: Who was the first actress to play Wonder Woman on TV? The answer Cathy Lee Crosby. Yes, she did! It was horrible and probably the worst version of our gal in red, white and blue. She had no powers, blonde hair and no lasso. It was the predecessor to the late 70's television series starring Linda Carter.

Wonder Woman T-Shirts and GiftsWe all remember the failed NBC pilot for Wondy, where Adriana Palicki was suited up in the satin tights. Fanboys and girls were not having the new look.  After the pilot, NBC shut it down and once again WW was a dream.  Recently, TheCW played with the idea of a prequel called Amazon.  It was also shelved.  So what is it going to take? I think if we can wait long enough.  She should be introduced in the Superman/ Batman movie. And if the reception is good branch out on her own.  
This week's Throwback goes to Mr. Speed himself: Flash.
The Flash Television series was before it's time.  Check out John Wesley Ship's Flash and listen to the show for some information about our speedster. 

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