Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Madness: Hot Topics

The weekend is over. Mother's Day is over.  And it's back to work.  Well over at The Five by Five we Darling Nikki and I shared some of our views on some very hot HOT TOPICS.  Nikki shared some very nice words and memories about  The Young and Restless Icon, Jeanne Cooper, who passed away last week after an illness. 

We also talked a little about Jason Collins and his historic coming out.  I also shared some views on coming out in the black community and my experiences.

As everyone knows, recently, the three young ladies that were missing for 10 years were finally free of their abductor. Amanda Berry, in particular, was the young lady who was able to obtain help from a neighbor.  That neighbor, Charles Ramsey, has become the famous heroic figure of this tale.  I hope these young ladies are able to move on with their life and put this horrible ordeal behind them.  What I have found interesting lately is the interview that Mr. Ramsey gave the news media.  It is hilarious. And he is very animated but he kept it 100 percent real.  The Gregory Brothers (bed intruder)  have made another autotuned classic of that interview. You can see the Dead Giveaway video below. Very funny.  Nevertheless, listen to the show, for a few more interesting topics. And some advice on how to respond to Ambecrombie CEO, Michael Jeffries, ridiculous statement about not wanting unattractive people in their brand.  

Dead Giveawy by Charles Ramsey

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