Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Tweeter of the Week

Steven Daigle
He is smart, cute, funny.  He has also made a splash on the gay porn scene.  You all might remember him from Big Brother Season 10.  I admit that I might have seen one or two episodes of Big Brother.  After seeing this guy I wish I had seen more.  Recently, I have been following him on twitter.  It seems like he has made a trek from Texas to California.  I know some of you who do not tweet probably do not care.  But, it is refreshing to live vicariously through some one's tweets to make your own life seem less boring.  Or does it do the opposite.  Nevertheless, you will find his musings pretty Amusing from the things he eats to what he is wearing as a bath towel.  Follow the jump and see what Mister Daigle is up to, you will not be disappointed or maybe you will.. Let me know!

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