Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Truth About Mystery Boxes

GameStop up'd the nerd mystery box ante with their Black Friday Funko Mystery Box.  Nerds and Geeks and Pop Figure Collectors alike rushed out early on Friday morning to grab up as many boxes as they could afford to get their hands on GameStop exclusive Funkos of Batman, Batgirl, Clap Trap, Power Armor (Fall Out) and Darkest Night Superman and their rare 1 in 8 Golden dopplegangers. I was lucky to get a golden version of the Darkest Night Superman.  But, It wasn't in my box.  Also, I went back and purchased several more boxes and pretty much came up with squat. I think the GameStop employees looked in boxes where the silver stickers were easily lifted off. But, listen to how I received my Gold Superman and a discussion about Black Funko Friday with the hosts of the Thought Bubbles Podcast, Mags from Chaotic Ravings and podcast newbie and friend of the show Devin.  

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