Monday, October 20, 2014

Big N Scary

Well maybe not that big and not all that scary.  I have been so busy with work and life since Nashville Comic Con that I have totally neglected my blog.  I know I'm a horrible blogger.  But, I have a lot to tell you guys. 

I had another comic convention excursion.  But, this time I didn't have to leave the city though.  This passed Saturday I was given a press pass to attend our very first Horror/ Comic Book Convention appropriately named Shocktobercon.  Held at the Evansville, IN Colliseum it provided attendees with Celebrities, Artist and Vendors.  This particular Con was arranged by the same group that brought us Pop!Con earlier this year led by the charismatic Jeff Osborne.  With comic conventions being so popular these days Jeff has enlightened and otherwise slow area to the growing and popular Nerd Culture.  

I was happy I was allowed to mingle and interview some of the celebrities guest.  I spoke with the original writer of the first Friday The 13th Movie, Victor Miller.  Mr. Miller was delightful with his answers and insight.  I also talked briefly to Butch Patrick from television's The Munsters.  Butch was a child actor when he donned the Wolf Boy personality as Eddie Munster.  I didn't take much of Butch's time since I got the feeling he didn't want to be questioned too much.  I could be wrong.  But, I think he read me during our conversation.  But, that's okay.  Your boy took it all in stride.  Maybe I wasn't the caliber of interviewer he is used to. #SideEye

I was able to catch a new ambitious project form a group of young people from Louisville, KY.  Sussex County is a new web series based on the Jason Vorhees mythology. It will be making it's debut to a YouTube video near you on Halloween. 
I also had some brief but cool conversations with filmmaker John Borowski about his most recent film/ documentary Serial Killer Culture and Tamara Glynn, a Michael Myers' victim from Halloween 5. 

Check out the podcast below for my full review!

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