Monday, February 3, 2014

Black Superheroes

In honor of  Black History Month and the revival of Fan Boy Weekly, I thought I would pay homage to my favorite black superheroes.  I have been a comic book fan practically all of my life.  But, the one thing that I missed as a kid that I am finally getting to see as an adult is superheroes that look like me.  I am happy that Marvel is utilizing more and more black characters in their live action comic book movies. Nick Fury, Storm and War Machine are the three we know from the movies.  But, this spring here comes Falcon and Bishop as new black superhero players in the game.  And I couldn't be more pleased. I bet you do not know who was the first black superhero in the comics?  Now, if Tyler Perry could get the rights to make a Black Panther Film I would probably find away to be  part of it. 

 I also share my views on Justice League War.  And I get everyone up to speed on Arrow, Agents of Shield and The Coven Finale. Whew, a lot on today's Fan Boy Weekly Podcast. 
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