Thursday, January 16, 2014

All Hail The Queens

Don't you just love a play on words.  I do.  But, I am afraid I am not speaking of myself this time or Beyonce.  I am talking about the return on Arrow's, Oliver Queen and Coven's Queenie.  Both, returned in true Queen fashion as both episodes kept me riveted to my television last night.  Arrow returned from it's winter hiatus with new mysterious and action.  I just love Stephen Amell's portrayal of The Green Arrow.  I think the writing of Arrow is far superior to the last few seasons of Smallville.  I was a bit miffed about not seeing The Flash in this episode but I am sure he will make a speedy appearance soon.  Speaking of Speedy, the one thing I do not like.  Why are they making him a metahuman.  Wasn't he just a regular archer that was trained by Green Arrow himself in the comics.  But, I am sure we will see how that dynamic plays out on the show.  Listen Below to hear about the Queens and more

The other Queen is none other than Gabourey Sidibe's witchy character on Coven.  When everyone thought she had died by a self inflicted gunshot to the head.  She returned in a black limo, to Nan's funeral, with Kathy Bates in a leash no less. Now if that isn't a Queenly entrance I don't know what is.  The previews for next week's episode show that all of the girls are in line to be the next supreme.  I wonder what witch will be left standing after this supernatural battle royale is over.

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