Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fox Host Says No To A Black Santa Claus

Although, I will give Megyn Kelly some room to say that St. Nicholas was white.  Even though he is an imaginary made up person.  I have to draw a line when she says Jesus was too. 
All this came out a couple of days ago when the Kelly Files host shared her views on an article written by Aisha Harris.  Ms. Harris' article share HER views on how she processed all the images of Santa Claus when she was a little kid.  But, in Fox News form, Megyn Kelly had to add her uninformed 2 cents. Listen in to the latest edition of Real Talk as I discuss my personal view on the subject.  I also share a true story from a local Subway, Beyonce's newly dropped album and the ladies of SWV are going to give us life on their new WEtv reality show. 

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