Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Duck Duck Phil

Well I am not going to dwell on this topic about Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's obvious dislike for gays and other sinners.  I don't claim to know his heart.  Everyone can speak on what they will.  But, we have to be mindful of sometimes our mouths can get us into trouble.  Even when we are speaking "our" truth.  Notic that I say "our" truth.  But, unlike everyone is saying.  No one took away Phil's right to free speech. His employer did not share his views and felt they were harmful to a sect of society that Phil felt is/was unworthy of salvation.  A&E never said Phil you cannot say that.. because he actually gave this interview to a reporter from GQ magazine.  Phil can continue to say what ever he wants and practice his right to free speech.  Do I think he should have been fired.  I don't know. I am not qualified to speak for A&E's human resource department. But, it obviously wasn't good for business.
I liked Uncle Si better anyway!

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