Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving And The Day After

I hope everyone had a awesome Thanksgiving. 
 Mine was mediocre to say the least.
 I recorded 2 episodes of The 5by5 one before Thanksgiving and another after.  
In the first episode I talk about what I am thankful for and how one should wash their collard greens before cooking them.  No one wants a mouthful of dirt. LOL
Secondly, the Aftermath of my very short lived Thanksgiving Day dinner. I normally don't bring the drama during the holidays.  But, unfortunately my clean record was broken when family members took me to the point of no return.  I also chat about an insane Buffy the Vampire Slayer dream I had. Lastly, The whole Black Friday shopping insanity just shows how greedy people are these days. Listen to hear that story and more. 

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