Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holidays, Blood and Ceelo

I am such a huge Christmas Holiday Fan.  I love the holiday.  I love the spirit of the season.  But, I am not sure I am quite ready for it.  It has been a difficult year for my family and I.  We have dealt with severe health problems, financial worries and typical life dramas. So,hopefully,  this year's cheer will bring us at least a month of peace.  Although, I love the upcoming holiday celebrations and fanfare. I do not know if I am ready for the coming rush.  I mean we rush through Thanksgiving like it doesn't really exist.  Today while driving about I actually saw Christmas lights and trees up.  Now, these people may just be trying to get a head start.  Walmart has had their Christmas decor shop up since September.  I used to work retail and we also started gearing up for Christmas at the end of September.  But, if you work in retail you have to know that you will not be seeing much of your family during the holidays.  Like it or not.  It's just the way it is. Recently, in the news, I saw where KMart is not closing at all on Thanksgiving this year.  But, if you think for a moment the theaters open up at night on TG.  All of the stores are opening at least by midnight.  Although, I see why people are complaining. But, I don't here Nurses or Doctors complaining.  I work in the health care industry too.  And guess what we aren't closed either.  I think I am a little biased.  But, I want to relish the moments with my family.   I think this year I am going to volunteer.  I want to bring a little joy in some lives.

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