Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catfish Movie... Online Personas

(I actually caught these catfish)
Real Life 'Catfish'

I just finished watching The Movie "Catfish".  It was enjoyable, but I found it pretty redundant and predictable at times. This story isn't new.  I think if you go on any online dating site (good and bad) and you will find that some people aren't really who they claim to be.  The only thing different with this movie, I suppose, is that the guy being bamboozled wanted answers. It helped that his brother and friend made documentaries. With their help and a little research he got the answers he needed.  My own personal thought about online dating is believe 10% of what you read, 5% of what you see and the other 85% is up to chance.

 The reason I  feel this way is because I have been on the receiving end of a 'catfish' scenario too. I remember corresponding with a person online for several weeks.  He was successful, smart and attractive (although the picture looked like it was taken from a mile away).  I thought how nice it would be to meet the right guy.  Although he dodged several of my attempts for a lunch or dinner date. A time was agreed upon for us to have drinks at a local watering hole.  When arriving at the designated time and place, I surveyed the area as if I were trying to find Waldo. But, to no avail.  Beginning to think I was stood up, a voice from behind me says, "David? I am glad you made it".  My heart began to race just a bit.  I was 180 degrees  from seeing the man that I had been so captivated by in the prior weeks.  As I began my pirouette it felt as if I were in slow motion (movie style of course). But with a 'record skipping sound' like you hear on television everything came to a resounding halt.  My mind struggled to  remember the person's name I was there to meet.  But, because I did not recognize the person who stood in front of me, my mind was drawing a blank.  Some how I was able to mutter a raspy hello and took a seat.  I finally grasped reality and quizzically said, "Steven"? He confirmed his identity and asked why I acted like I didn't know him.  By that time all of my mental faculties had come back to me.  I explained to him that the picture and description in no way represented the man I am seeing today.  He cleverly said that he had mentioned that he had gained some weight and his picture was about 10 years old.  I explained that he did not.  But, more than your misrepresentation of your physical features. What else would you lie about? I told him that looks were not all that important but being honest was on the top of my list.  I collected myself and moved to leave.  He then asked the question that I was hoping he would not. "What is it about me that you do not like, I know I am not ugly?" My only response was... No, you don't know that...

 So, was I wrong?  Looking back I may have acted harshly.  But, I was young and really didn't know how to handle such things.  I just knew how to find the door and get through it as quickly as I found it.  I know I will get a lot of flack for being shallow.  But, it really wasn't about looks it was about, TRUTH. I think the participants in the movie handled it better.  And, theirs was a little more complicated than my scenario, but not that different.  The one thing I took from the movie that I couldn't agree with more is the quote (which led to the title of the movie) "There are some people out there that are the catfish, they keep you on your toes"

Tell me about your catfish scenarios in the comments below.. I will post them in a future blog.

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