Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The A-List

Austin, Derek, Ryan, Reichen, Mike, Rodiney
I started writing this blog several weeks ago, but the holidays came/coming. So, I got caught up in a time crunch like most people this time of year.  But, here is my A list blog that should have come out after the reunion show.

The A List is a reality show based on the life of 6 gay men living on the pulse of  the New York "in crowd".  This show, albeit gay men, is done in the fashion of The Real Housewives franchise.  We stumble upon these men in every day "unscripted" (wink) life.  I will have to say I have a serious crush on the Brazilian hunk, Rodiney Santiago.  Rodiney is one of the A Listers who is involved in a relationship with  "real" reality star Amazing Race winner,  Reichen Lemkuhl.  Reichen is no stranger to reality tv or having his reality shown on tv.  He has had a public celebrity break up with N Sync'r Lass Bass.  I should pick up his (Lance) book to see what he has to say about Mr. Lemkuhl.  I think it's interesting that Lance hasn't had anything to say about Reichen on his relationship with Rodiney. If anyone has some dirt CALL ME!  Oh well, back to the matter at hand.  Rodiney and Reichen seem to have this I love you so much, but I may really resent you relationship thing going on .  I just wanted to shake the hell out of Rodiney and say JUST LEAVE.  Every time I watched an episode where Reichen was pretty much bitch slapping Rodiney's ego, I would cringe. Then rewind it and watch it again to make sure I didn't hear or see what just happened. LOL  That brings me to Austin.  The young twenty something queen who Reichen feels he needs in his life.  YOU ARE IN YOUR 40's Reichen. You do not need a twenty year old  telling you how to live your life.  I could care less that he was riding Marc Jacob.  That doesn't give him a PhD in relationship advice.  This kid needs to be removed.. ummm KICKED out of your life.  If you have seen the series you know there were drinks flung and fist slung.  I'll will say this to Rodiney.  If my man allowed someone to attack me in public and still wanted to remain friends with them. I would have to go.  But, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.. err most of the iceberg.  There are 3 other A Listers that add to all of this delicious drama.  Ryan, the married botox laden hair dresser, Mike Ruiz, celebrity photographer and Derek, the spray tan queen. But, it works with the ensemble that LOGO has gathered I almost forgot cute and campy TJ, Ryan's bestfriend and employee.  Girl, I hope you get paid next season. If you have not seen the show you can catch all the episodes on Logo's website. All of these boys have twitter accounts that make for a pretty interesting read.  Check them out!

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